Kudu APC

4x4 Armoured Personnel Carrier

Kudu APC
  • A lightly armoured APC using Land Rover drive-train.
  • Suitable for patrol duties.
Tibs Transport's Kudu APC Kudu Armoured Personnel Carriers  Technical Specifications
DesignMonocoque, Hull
SeatingDriver + 4
Protection Levels
Ballistic & Mine To be confirmed
Wheelbase3 700 mm
Overall Length5 500 mm
Overall Height2 200 mm
Overall Width1 740 mm
Ground Clearance240 mm
GVMTo be confirmed
Make/ModelLand Rover R6
Configuration6-In-line Petrol
Max Power82 Kw @ 4750 rpm
Max Torque202 Nm @ 2200 rpm
Size900 x 16
Vehicle Information
The Kudu APC is a lightly armoured 4x4 APC based on Land Rover Series 3S running gear.

The proven Land Rover drive-train combined with the vehicle’s relative lightness makes it ideally suited to patrol and surveillance duties over poor terrain.

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