Nyala APC

4x4 Armoured Personnel Carrier

Nyala APC
  • Purpose-built Riot Control APC.
  • Proven in action.
  • Suitable as a bullion carrier.
Tibs Transport's Nyala APC Nyala Armoured Personnel Carriers  Technical Specifications
DesignMonocoque, flat bottom
SeatingDriver + 7 (max)
Protection Levels
Ballistic protection 7.62mm x 51mm ball.
5.56mm x 45mm ball.
Mine protection Anti –personnel mines,
grenades & fire bombs
Wheelbase3 000 mm
Overall Length5 200 mm
Overall Height2 700 mm
Overall Width2 500 mm
Ground Clearance322 mm
Vehicle (Tare)7 140 kg
GVM9 200 kg
Max Power100 Kw @ 2 800 rpm
Max Torque408 Nm @ 1400 rpm
Size12.5 x 20
Max Speed100 kph
• 2 wheel drive,
• Choice of manual or auto.
Vehicle Information
The Nyala Armoured Personnel Carrier is alternately known as the RG12. It was designed specifically for the SAPS (South African Police Service) to fulfil its need for a Riot Control vehicle. The 6 crew in the rear of the vehicle face outwards through large, mesh covered, bullet resistant windows. The 1.6m high side doors allow for rapid deployment.

It is an excellent, Riot Control, APC.

As the SAPS phase out their use of the overtly aggressive Casspir APC, the Nyala APC is being used very successfully in a wider range of policing roles.

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