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Samil 20 Kwevoel

4x4 Armoured Truck

Samil 20 Kwevoel
  • Proven “go-anywhere” off-road Armoured Truck.
  • Versatile container-lock system of load bodies.
Tibs Transport's Samil 20 Kwevoel Samil 20 Kwevoel Armoured Trucks  Technical Specifications
Design“V” Cell mounted on truck ladder chassis
SeatingDriver + 1
Protection Levels
Mine 3 x TM57 (21kg TNT)
Wheelbase2 900 mm
Overall Length5 700 mm
Overall Height2 900 mm
Overall Width2 400 mm
Ground Clearance470 mm
Std. Load Body length2 525 mm
Vehicle (Tare)5 780 kg
GVM7 700 kg
Nett Payload1 920 kg
D/T14 000 kg
Make/ModelDeutz F6L913
Max Power93 Kw @ 2800 rpm
Max Torque375 Nm @ 1500 rpm
Size14.5 x 20
Fuel Tank200 Litres
Max Speed90 kph
Fording Depth
Max Depth1.2 m
• Choice of Load Bodies which are secured with container locks.
Vehicle Information
The Samil 20 Kwevoel Armoured Truck is based on the Samil 20 Mk1 and was originally produced for the SADF (South African Defence Force).

It is mechanically similar to the Rhino APC, and like the Rhino is fitted with “portal” axles, (raised diffs) which provide ground clearance of nearly ½m.

It is a very versatile, go-anywhere, armored vehicle, capable of transporting 2 tons.

Its load bodies are secured with container locks, making it ideal for also transporting multiple, specialised loads.

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